About MAA Wellness

MAA Wellness Center, INC. (MAAWC) is a for-profit organization dedicated to providing integrated products, services, and knowledge to help individuals, families, and communities to develop a customized approach to health and wellness.
Health is an important focus that is needed and Maa wellness will provide naturopathic services, acupuncture, nutritional coaching, etc., to restore physical, mental, and spiritual health back to the community.

These modalities are geared towards strengthening one’s wellbeing without simultaneously causing harm. Thus, providing an avenue for families and individuals to reach optimal health.

MAA Food for Thought

“For African Americans that fight-flight mechanism never shuts down, it’s constantly revving until it becomes normal. And you’re walking around with high stress as if it’s normal.”When a person experiences consistently high levels of stress, the body wears down faster and develops disease sooner.
Dr. Stephen Thomas
Professor of public health University of Maryland and Director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which affects countless Africans throughout the world is a mental health condition that an individual often develops after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event like life-threatening accident or natural disaster, rape, violent physical assault and armed conflict.
Supporting the patient with your love and affection is the best way to help him/her learn holistic integrated healing modality come out of their situation. Maa Wellness Center is here to provide natural remedies that have shown great potential to relieve the patient from post-traumatic anxiety symptoms.
Maa Wellness Center